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The next time you think about trespassing on railway property, remember these ABCs:

Any time is train time. Just because you donít see or hear a train doesnít mean one isnít coming.

Bridges are one of the most dangerous places to be when a train comes. You canít outrun a train and with nowhere to escape, youíre likely to be killed.

Complacency is your enemy around train tracks. Just because youíve safely trespassed on railway property before doesnít mean that youíll be safe the next time. Never trespass and always be vigilant around tracks. Trains are quieter and faster than you might think.

RailPark Layout & Entrance

Iron Triangle Layout

How to Get Here From There

Location: Fostoria is located in Northwest Ohio approximately 40 miles southeast of Toledo. 

Columbus, Cleveland and Detroit are all within two hours of Fostoria. 

Five State and one U.S. highway run through Fostoria. The Ohio Turnpike
(I-80/90) and Interstate 75 are easily accessible within 20 minutes of Fostoria.

Routes include: U.S. 23, Ohio 12, 18, 199, 587 and 613


RailPark Location

499 S Poplar St, Fostoria Ohio


GPS 41.152986, -83.414095


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Fostoria Scanner Frequencies

CSX F Tower AAR 08 160.230
CSX Willard Sub AAR 94 161.520
CSX Columbus Sub AAR 12 160.320
CSX Yard AAR 70 161.160
CSX Pemberville Sub AAR 35 160.635
NS Mixing Center AAR 92 161.490
NS Yard AAR 56 160.950
NS Fostoria District AAR 76 161.250
NS Detector Ilers Milepost 275.4
NS Detector Arcadia Milepost 285.5
CSX Bascom Detector Milepost 31.1
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Fostoria Ohio "A Safe Place to Railfan"

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