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1. What is the address of the RailPark?

2. What are the GPS Co-ordinates?

3. What street is the entrance on?

4. What are the hours of the park

5. Are there spots for RVs and motor homes?

6. Is camping allowed?

7. Are fires allowed?

8. Is WiFi available?

9. Is there a video feed from the park?

10. What is the address of the FRPS office?

11. How many trains are there each day?

12. Is there a memorial brick program available?

13. Where can I buy a membership to the FRPS

14. How do I make a donation?

15. Is the park safe for children?

16. Are there washrooms?

17. Is power available for laptops etc?

18. Do you have pins to purchase?

19. Which are the busiest days?




1. The address of the RailPark is 499 S Poplar St Fostoria Ohio

2. The GPS co-ordinates are 41.152768 83.411316

3. Vehicle entrance is off Poplar Street but there is also a pedestrian entrance off South Poplar and Columbus Street.

4. The park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is well lit so a safe environment.

5. Specific parking is marked out for motor homes and RVs and staying overnight is permitted.

Presently    there are no hookups for electricity or sanitation but may be in the future.

6. Camping at this time is not allowed. The grass area is still too rough and the grass still needs to get established.

7. Fires are not allowed in the park and the park is under City of Fostoria bylaws.

8. WiFi is not available yet but will be installed soon.

9. No video feed at this time but hope to have one soon.

10. The FRPS address is 128 W North Street Fostoria Ohio 44830

11. There are usually close to 100 trains in a 24 hour period. About 65% CSX and 35% NS traffic.

12. Not at the present time but one may be started.

13. Just click on the Membership link about to obtain all membership information.

14. There is a link on the home page of our web site, just click and follow the instructions.

15. Yes, the park is set up as a family park and completely fenced is so is very safe.

16. There are separate heated washroom for men and women and both are equipped with changing tables.

17. Power is available on the observation platform for charging camera batteries or laptops.

18. At this time we have a few styles, but not the Iron Triangle logo.  Our gift shop is at 128 W. North St. and has limited hours, Saturdays 1-4, May-Oct.  Sorry, we will have more styles eventually.

19. Everyday is Train Day in Fostoria. Mon and Tues may have some slow periods as they are usually MOW days in town but there are always trains in Fostoria.


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