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It's that time again. Rules and details HERE


Hello to everyone this late evening.

The Fostoria Rail Preservation Society (FRPS) and The City of Fostoria are excited to be in the path of the Monday, April 8 eclipse.    Plans are for the B&O Caboose to be open to the public  from 9-5.   We have electric service at the,  caboose so when the eclipse passes over, we will have some lights  on inside

The time frame for the eclipse is as follows:   1:57 partial eclipse , 3:11 total eclipse, and 4:27 dawn to begin.    Total time is 3 minutes, 52 seconds.     The Toledo weather forecast has a 50/50 chance of great visibility, and of course, this can change from today's forecast to Monday.   For more info please review the website---

CAMPING AT THE RAIL PARK    As everyone should know, the Rail Park is owned by the City of Fostoria.   Yes, FRPS is involved in the Rail Park, however, we are an organization helping maintain the park, NOT the owner of the park.  The City of Fostoria is NOT allowing any campers/rv's at ANY of the city parks for the weekend.   You will be asked to leave.   Usually, campers/rv's are allowed at the Rail Park, this rule will be suspended due to the eclipse.   Please remember---This is a City Park !

The Restrooms are cleaned and ready for visitors.   If you have not been here lately, the FPD ( Fostoria Police Dept.) installed new  locks on both the Men's and Womens's doors.  The doors will be unlocked at 7am and locked for the evening at 7am.   The City of Fostoria has made the rule and it will be followed.   There is a port-a-pot on the grounds so you will be able to use it 24/7.   IF you have a  4-digit code to unlock the doors, you will have access.   The City of Fostoria has asked that only FRPS members will be given an access code.    FRPS has heard "rumbles" about this.  Sorry, if you are disgruntled, this decision was made by the FPD.  Maybe because we helped the City secure a $803,000.00 grant for the $1 million dollar park.   Some small stones have been placed in the door frame so the doors will not lock and many do not even bother to make sure the door does close.   IF you have been viewed by the cameras to prevent the door from closing, placing rocks, etc. and you do have a restroom code, your code will be voided.  The situation is the same if you receive the code and ":share" it with numerous people for their use at any given time they come to the Rail Park.     Note--This is a rule made by the City of Fostoria, NOT FRPS.    Those who donated to the Rail Park Security Camera project will also be included as a FRPS member.  Without those donations, the City of Fostoria would not have been able to update the system.   Thank you to the 33+ generous persons and one Michigan Model Railroad Club, you are all appreciated.  

We are blessed to have a City provide a 5.6 acre, $1 million park for general use of the public 24/7.   FRPS helps maintain the restrooms,  recycles, mows the yard and generally keeps the Rail Park litter free.  Do you think that could be the reason why FRPS membership is expected for "extra": benefits?    We believe so.   FRPS and our members cover the costs for cleaning supplies and expenses associated with maintaining the two mowers.   WE volunteer our time to complete these tasks.   If you want to help, just let us know.

Please remember, the FPD has the monitors for the cameras in their Dispatch area.  More cameras will be installed on the power pole just south of our Caboose.   Cameras will be mounted to face the south side of the caboose with the other camera to be covering the parking lot.    We have lights mounted on the east and west sides of the caboose.   The lights benefit Virtual Raillfan's  lighting too.   Eventually there will be cameras mounted under the platform roof facing east and west on the NKP tracks.   More info later on this project.

The Fostoria Community Arts Council (FCAC) will be present at the Rail Park and will have Eclipse glasses available for a donation.  FCAC member, Ed Logsdon will be playing Dark Side of the Moon for you to enjoy.

We might have food available at the Rail Park, not really sure, but possible.

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, September 28, The Fostoria Rail Festival will be held at the Fostoria Jr/Sr. High School and the Fostoria Elementary School.   The campuses are beside each other.   We hope to see you that weekend.

Hope to see you this coming Monday at the Fostoria Iron Triangle Rail Park.


Vendor registration form can be down HERE.

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We would like to start a list of people who visit the RailPark and where you are from. If you agree we would also like to create a mailing list to keep you informed of events and news about the park. Just send an email to with your name, city and date at the Railpark. Your email will NOT be listed and will be kept private and only used by the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society. I am sure we have visitors from many places and maybe a special recognition from the farthest visitor each month. Let us know what you think.

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RAILPARK UPDATE: November 3 2023

Washrooms, Cameras, Wine & Cheese & Santa At The Depot

Thanks to Ellen Gatrell for this update. It can be viewed and downloaded HERE

RAILPARK UPDATE: April 14 2023

Donation Drive - Security Cameras

Some of you may already know there has been significant vandalism at the Rail Park since last fall, 2022.  The mens restroom was vandalized  many times and eventually the City of Fostoria just locked the mens restroom door.    A port-a-pot has been placed in the park so there is a restroom.   The womens' restroom is open and recently someone vandalised that restroom, not as badly as the mens.  hese same persons (2 adults & 1 juvenile) also broke the three lights that light up the U.S. flag.    

The Virtual Railfan cameras had been moved with one camera facing south of the platform directed at the B&O/C&O diamond.  Their other camera used to point to the Poplar St. B&O crossing but with the Sandy Creek Mining building blocking this view, VR moved their camera to view the NKP tracks.  Now there is no camera pointing through the main portion of the rail park and making it harder to "scout" out the problems/vandalism.   

The City of Fostoria has cameras on the actual platform restroom/custodial building and has had them for a long period of time.  The cameras need to be upgraded with newer technology and also have the ability for the Fostoria Police Dept. to be able to view their cameras at the Fostoria Police station 24/7365.   This  project will have a price of approximately $4,000.00. 

We are asking you for donations to help defray the cost of this needed project.     The Police Dept. budget has been decreased  and with your donation the sooner the cameras are installed, the sooner the mens restroom can be permanently reopened !!!   

Please send your donation, no  amount is too small, to Fostoria Rail Preservation Society (FRPS) P. O. Box 421, Fostoria, OH 44830.  Please note the donation is for the Rail Park Camera project.  We will deposit the funds into our checking account and write a check/checks to the Fostoria Police Dept. for this much needed upgrade. You can ebay just click the image below.

Thank you for considering to help on this upgrade.  The Rail Park will be ten years old this November and FRPS is planning to have a 10-year celebration.  

OUR 13th Fostoria Railroad Dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24, 2023.  The dinner is at the LE&W Depot, 128 W. North St.,  Doors open 5:00, dinner  5:30, program 6:30.   Dinner is $25./person.

21st Rail Festival is Saturday, September 23, 2023.  Fostoria Jr/Sr. High School and the Fost. Elem. gym.  10-4.

Thank you.

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Greetings to all

This is an update on the upcoming Fostoria Rail Festival. We have had questions as to why there are two different addresses for the event. The Fostoria Jr/Sr. High School building will have the vendors and some train layouts, the Fostoria Elem, building (using the gym), which is beside the high school campus, will have the larger model train layouts. We have 200+ train vendor tables (55+ vendors) with many returning vendors and some first-time vendors in Fostoria. The lobby, gym, auxiliary gym, cafeteria and two adjoining hallways will be utilized.

It looks like the weather for next weekend is really great, mid 70's.

There will be golf carts to take you from the high school cafeteria to the elem. gym location.

There will be plenty of parking. When driving to the high school from N.Countyline St, you will immediately be on the east side of the school, the lobby area. You can park there or drive around to the rear of the school (west side) and park either outside of the high school cafeteria or go to the elem. gym parking lot (which is just west of the high school campus).

The admission is $5.00 per adult with children under 10 free. After entering the rail festival, you will be given a raffle ticket and be eligible for our $10. gift certificates. Winning ticket numbers will be drawn throughout the day with the winning numbers posted beside the FRPS tables. The winners will be able to use the $10. certificate at any of the vendors at the rail festival.

The Lens-Eye View PHoto Contest entries will be on display at the rail festival. So far, there are 22+ entries. The winners are selected by the Fostoria Community Arts Council. Prizes are $75. 1st prize; $50. 2nd prize; $25. 3rd prize and $10. 1st. Honorable Mention. The key to the winning photo is how does the photo show the trains as well as Fostoria's rail locations? Having a photo all people, not just railfans, would enjoy viewing.

The Fostoria High School cafeteria will be busy serving all of the hungry attendees. We have heard only wonderful comments on their delicious food. and reasonable prices.

Something new this year--The Seneca County Health Dept. has asked to have their van at our event. We will have the van in the west side parking lot outside of the school cafeteria. The Health Dept. will be able to provide vaccinations, distribute free test kits and PPE. NO insurance cards are needed for the services.

Romick Railway will be providing train rides outside of the building. Attendees of our rail festival can ride for free.

Hopefully we will have enough volunteers to have a children's area in the cafeteria. Children will be able to color train-themed coloring pages. Parents can relax for a while.

We can always use volunteers to help setup the tables Friday night (3-5pm) and take down the tables Saturday (4-6).

The Fostoria Iron Triangle Rail Park will be filled with many railfans. Our B&O I-18 caboose will be open to the public Saturday from 11-1.

Hope to see you, Last year we had attendees from Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, MIchigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. We are not taking a survey this year, however, IF you want to advise us of your home state, please do.


Dec 14 2019

Railcams For Railfans - Sandy Creek makes watching trains convenient, easy, free.

By Morgan Manns Staff Writer

Rail fans come from near and far to watch trains as they travel through Fostoria. However, some may not have the opportunity to visit as often as they’d like.

A local business has made it easier for those fans to enjoy their favorite pastime without having to be in town.

Sandy Creek Mining Company is sponsoring two railcams in town, allowing people from all over the world to watch trains drive through the city.

"Growing up in town, we have a personal interest in trains," Justin Woodruff, Sandy Creek general manager, said. "It was a nice opportunity to support the Rail Park, our community and our friend Mike with Railstream."

Mike Kisser, founder of Railstream, installed the two cameras about 8-10 years ago on Sandy Creek’s building at 522 S. Poplar St. — with their approval — because he couldn’t get to Fostoria as much as he would have liked to see the trains.

"Mike contacted us and said he was interested in adding his cameras and building his business," Woodruff said. "We thought what he was doing was interesting and as we’ve gotten to know each other better, the sponsorship made sense."

Sandy Creek’s sponsorship allows viewers to watch trains go through Fostoria without having to pay a monthly fee.

The cameras, located on Sandy Creek’s building, face east and west along CSX’s B& O tracks. The Fostoria, Ohio (PTZ) Railcam sits at Poplar Street and faces west towards the Tiffin Street overpass. The compacted view shows the railroad tracks cross Main, Union and Findlay streets, with a view of the overpass in the background. The Fostoria, Ohio (East) Railcam is at Poplar Street and faces east towards Columbus Avenue.

To view the live stream from the railcams, visit and click on one of Fostoria’s cameras.

"We’re just glad it has had such good results," Woodruff said. "Since (the cameras have) gone through the sponsorship, we’ve received a tremendous amount of ‘thank yous’ from people all over the world. We’re glad it’s bringing joy to their lives and it’s nice to hear those little things. We’re glad it’s helping the community."

Sandy Creek officials plan to continue to sponsor the cameras, which run 24/7/365, indefinitely.

"It’s amazing," Ellen Gatrell, Fostoria Rail Preservation Society secretary-treasurer, said. "It’s fabulous that they — a Fostoriabased company — recognize that Fostoria has rail tourism and that it’s growing. There are a lot of people who know about Fostoria and come here to see the trains. We are important. Fostoria is important. And the rail tourism opportunities here are amazing. They recognize Fostoria’s rail importance in the world and we have to applaud them for that."

Sandy Creek Mining Company, Inc. is a wholesale builder and supplier of mining equipment and products, which are used in gemstone panning operations around the world and provide both education and a hands-on participatory activity for kids and adults alike.

Founded in 1991, there are more than 450 locations in 20 countries. Products can be found in small gift shops, campgrounds, amusement parks, family fun centers, country orchards, museums, zoos and show-cave operations.

In addition to the two cameras in Fostoria, Railstream has 26 other cameras in 21 locations, including Delaware, Ohio, as well as Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia and Ontario, Canada.

For more information on Railstream, visit or call 734-365-6948.

For more information on Sandy Creek Mining Company Inc. visit their web page or call 419-435-5891.

THIS SCREENGRAB from shows a CSX train as it chugs along the B& O tracks from the Tiffin Street overpass to South Poplar Street in Fostoria Wednesday afternoon. Sandy Creek Mining Company has sponsored this railcam, as well as the other railcam in Fostoria (which faces east along the same tracks), allowing rail fans to watch trains go through the city without having to pay a monthly fee.

SCREENGRAB FROM RAILSTREAM.NET Used with permission form Review Times


Hello to all

The 18th Fostoria Rail Festival is over and we can all say it was a good day for vendors and railfans!!  Saw happy faces on vendors and bags in the railfans hands.  The crowd was great with 172 tables sold to 60+ vendors, many new as well as the familiar faces to our train show.  Bob Lorenz and his wife Bea were here and we were all thrilled.  Bob celebrated his 95th birthday on Sunday, Sept. 29.  How wonderful to be so coherent and able to still paint !!   Bob will be featured in the October issue of the NKP RR HS magazine.  We will want to get plenty of copies for FRPS.  

Photo Contest--There were 18 wonderful entries in this years contest.  Judges Choice is selected by the Fostoria Community Arts Council.  There choices are--First--#18, Staci Reiter,"Mom, the NKP 765 is really loud";  Second--#12 Patrick Berryman,  NS in Snow;  Third--#6, David Moyer, A Duo on the Rails.     Peoples Choice were selected by those at the Fostoria Rail Festival.  Winners were--First, #2, Gerald Lee, Waiting for Orders;  Second #12, Patrick Berryman, NS in Snow and Third is a tie--  #13 Richard Riley II, KCS 4777 & Staci Reiter, #17, NKP 765.  Congratulations to all.  You will receive your gift cards in the mail soon.

There were six soup entries with the following results.   Peoples Choice winners were--First,--a tie-- Marilyn Beers, Vegetable Soup with Sausage; and Teresa Lee- Chili;  Third Place--Ellen Gatrell--Chicken Noodle Soup.

Railfans at the rail park were interviewed by a WTOL,Toledo CBS TV station reporter late last week.   Had heard about it but did not see any of the three times it was on TV on Friday so I did look it up.

Here is the LINK.  "The People Who Watch Trains".

Loved to see many people who come here often.  You might be one who was interviewed or have you watching trains.   Rudy, Bill, Tyler, Larry,  and others too.    Thank you WTOL !!!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers, FRPS members including the 15 Fostoria High School Cross Country students who helped setup the almost 200 tables for event.  Teresa Lee's Childrens Area was visited by many parents and children.  The need to have family events is greatly appreciated.  The model trains were from the Saginaw Model RR Club, NW Modelers Stinky Creek, LanTrak, Hobo Crew, and Chuck White's Locomotive Facer layout and of course Dick Painter & Don Goris's home-made train engines and cars.  JR Express was outside for the train rides.  What a great show of the rail hobby modelers !!!  Thank you !!!

Some of you knew Jim Roberts, Tiffin who passed away September 13, 2019.  Jim was a past FRPS President and came to Fostoria for years.  We met him sitting by the tracks, watching the trains.  This was his stop after he left work and before he went home, his time to unwind.  Jim had never missed helping at all of our Rail Festivals in his Conductor uniform.  He also came dressed as a Conductor for our Santa at the Depot.  We will miss him !!!

Mark the date for next year, Saturday, September 26, 2020.  There will be changes made to the building and will definitely have a new entrance area.  We will be in the present day gym and hallway and probably the commons area and a new gym and cafeteria in the new building to the north.  More room for the show.

More shows are coming up and we will be at Berea this coming weekend.  

Last thing on the list---We received some LOST & FOUND items that were at the Rail Park.  We have a ring and an Apple i-pod.    These were left at the Rail Park weeks ago.    If you can describe them --you can have your item returned.  Also have a mens watch found months ago.    

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED MAKE THE FOSTORIA RAIL FESTIVAL A SUCCESSFUL EVENT--Vendors, Customers, Volunteers--all needed and appreciated !!!

Ellen Gatrell

UPDATE Oct 24 2018

Greetings to all this October evening.    Reminder we will have our monthly meeting this Thursday, October 25, 6:00 p.m. at the LE&W Depot, 128 W. North Street, Fostoria.   All are invited to attend.,

The next event for Fostoria is the 5th anniversary rededication of the Fostoria Iron Triangle Rail Park.  Ceremony at the rail park will begin at 11:00 a.m on Saturday, November 17.  The reception will be held at the History Corner, which is at the corner of N. Main and North Streets.  The depot will be unavailable due to decorating for Santa at the Depot.  All are welcome to attend this event.

If you want to mark your calendar for the 2019 Fostoria Rail Festival, the date is Saturday, September 28, 2019.  Same location, FHS Jr/Sr. High School.  The additions to the school will not be completed until Dec. 2019 so we will have the same setup as previous years.  The addition of the womens/childrens area in the gym hallway was considered a success by the vendors.  We will continue to expand this area for vendors.  2020 will bring us the availability of more square footage for our event.  

FRPS is on a campaign to receive funding for the B&O caboose project.  We must have an ADA approved ramp and platform, which we will have built with composite materials where possible.  Estimated cost is $35,000. with some funding already received.  If you wish to donate to this project, please forward your donation to FRPS, P.O, Box 421, Fostoria, OH 44830



UPDATE April 18 2018

Hello and my apologies for not sending many emails !!!

Want to give you some information on upcoming events we are having here in Fostoria.  

Bob Lorenz and his wife Bea, Fremont Ohio residents, will be at the LE&W Depot, 128 W. North Street on Saturday, May 19 from 10-3.  Bob will have artwork, photos and some original paintings on display.  There will be some items for viewing only but plenty of his wonderful railroad-themed artwork for sale.  Please feel free to drop in and have a visit with our well-loved friends.  Bob still picks up the paint brushes and is using his God-given talent.


FRPS is sponsoring our 9th annual Railroad Dinner, Thursday, May 24.  The location is the lower level of the Good Shepherd Home, 725 Columbus Avenue.  Doors open at 5:00, dinner at 5:30, with the program at 6:30 p.m.  We are pleased to announce that our Guest Speaker will be from the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC).  Matt Dietrich, Executive Director or Julianne Finnegan, Executive Assistant to the Director will be our speaker.  What better time to  listen  to and be able to talk directly to ORDC.  Cost is $15.00 per person and includes Roast Beef, Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Green Beans, Betty Salad,  Rolls, Pie and tea/lemonade/coffee/water.    There is an elevator to the lower level if needed.    Columbus Avenue is SR 18 and is on the south/east side of Fostoria, in fact it is very close to the Rail Park..    Please join us for an informative evening.

FRPS has not begun mowing at the Rail Park--seems Spring has not arrived yet!!!   We want to help the city of Fostoria anyway we can at the facility to help offset maintenance costs.  

The B&O Caboose is ready and waiting for people to be able to come inside and view the very-well restored 1965 unit.  We will be building a 10x42 composite deck and will have a 60' ADA  ramp also.  Cost estimates for this project are $35,000.  We will be applying for grants to help offset the project and will accept any donations earmarked for the Caboose Ramp and Platform Project.  When the project is completed, you will be able to sit on the deck and view the B&O tracks.  The caboose will be open when someone from the FRPS organization is at the rail park.  

The 17th Fostoria Rail Festival is Saturday, September 22, 10-4 at the Fostoria Jr/Sr. High School, 1001 Park Avenue.

12th Santa at the Depot is Nov. 27-Dec. 22.  Tuesday and Thursday 5-7, Saturday noon-2.  Special hours Dec, 1, 11-3.   Our LE&W Depot is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season.  We have 30 trees 6-10' in height and 45 trees less than 6' in height inside the depot.  Train are running and children are playing on the childrens train set too.  You will be able to see the depot as you drive down the street as there will be reindeer on the east side of the depot.  We always have extreme Christmas decorating !!!

Our 4th Santa's Wine & Cheese tasting is Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.  You have a choice of either night to attend.  Come and sit among the decorated depot, sip wine and dine on wonderful treats.

If you would like more information, please advise.  

Thank you !!!


Ellen Gatrell


Hello to Fostoria Railfans

Update on what has, is and will be happening in Fostoria and our Iron Triangle.

What has been happening is the trains are still traveling in and around always covering at least one of the three Iron Triangles.  As rail traffic is down in numbers, we can still assume there is approximately 95-100 train movements a day in and around the Fostoria Rail Park.

Tuesday, February 28, N/S moved a rail section to a location east of Fostoria.  Wish I had my camera with me, it was in my truck, and did not have time to run and retrieve it.  

Months ago the Ringling Brothers circus train traveled by the rail park on S/B CSX (C&O.   Don't remember if it was the blue one or the red one.   Had talked to Bob Lorenz, Fremont about the train and he said his grandson had photographed the same train running through Fremont on the N/S (NKP) line.   Just read Trains Magazine article online regarding the circus train and their scheduled route for the last time.  Sad, another part of railroading will be history, truly !

As expected, there have been railfans at the Fostoria Rail Park every day.  Some days have far more tourists than others but with the rather warmer February temperatures, railfanning was a bit easier to handle.  One thing we seem to always have is a breeze, sometimes more breezy than necessary.  We have no control over the trains or the weather.  Just come and sit in a railfans paradise and view the scenery, trains, trains and more trains.

FRPS is always trying to update the railpark to improve the railfans stay.  More trash cans and recycling containers have been placed on the platform.  The new sidewalks and concrete pads for the two new picnic tables that were installed over the summer have been used.  Railfans used the picnic tables even in February.  

Many of you will notice some beautiful flowering trees were replaced at the rail park.  Dr. Gregory & Jody Hensley purchased the dogwood and crabapple trees.  Hopefully, you will appreciate the beauty of the trees when visiting the rail park.  Trees are necessary for shade and helping to keep the air cleaner.  


Have you noticed the track panel at the rail park?  It is the first step towards moving the B&O caboose FRPS purchased to have a final resting place at the park.  It seems we have snags on this project.  The moving company hired to move the caboose would like to have frozen ground or dry ground for the moving.  The present location of the caboose cannot be ruined with a 30 ton caboose digging trenches into the soil.  Mother Nature has not helped this winter.  Who knew we would not have frozen, really frozen ground.  When will we move the caboose, when the moving can be done without ruining either the present location or the rail park grounds.   One way you can help our Caboose fund is to donate via cash, check or money order.   Upon moving, building a deck and ramp to enter the caboose will require more money than we have.  We are estimating $20,000. at least.  ANY donations will be appreciated.  A fund has already been started.  

We are still working on WiFi and webcams.  Until the internet provider installs lines up to the park, we at their mercy.  No cable lines, no WiFi and webcams.  Sorry, we have no control over this.  You can be assured we will advise everyone as soon as the setup is completed!  We might have a party at the railpark, who knows!

Foundation work on the LE&W Depot was completed in the fall, 2016.  The west end foundation was in dire need of being rebuilt.  You would need repaired too if you were built in 1878.  

Our 10th Santa at the Depot was held at the LE&W Depot from Thanksgiving to  Christmas.  We had 275+ volunteer hours spent on decorating the depot and the 70+ trees inside and outside the depot.  Twenty-nine trees were six-feet and taller in the building.  We utilized LED lights as much as possible and cut our electrical bill extensively.  LED lights are also more brilliant than regular lighting. 

We are already planning for 2017 Santa at the Depot.  New decorations are always on our minds but do keep many of the favorites for visitors to see.  Toledo TV station, Channel 11, CBS, came and visited our depot.  They had our Christmas trees and decorated depot on their news programs three times.  Exciting for us and proud they enjoyed our Christmas spirit.  All our work is completed with volunteers.  


FRPS had our 2nd Santa's Wine & Cheese event in early December.   We had two events, Friday and Saturday nights.  Sitting among the Christmas decorations and enjoying wine and good food, perfect evenings.  

Coming to the present, FRPS is involved in the 10th Toledo National Train Day, May 6 at the Toledo Amtrak Station.  The event is free and the parking is free.  For more information, please visit  the National Train Day Toledo Facebook page.  As a member of the NTD committee, we are also proud to be involved in this event.  

On February 10, Sidney Ohio Mayor Mike Barhorst and six other city representatives  toured the Fostoria rail locations.  We met the group at the LE&W Depot and discussed how, why and what Fostoria has accomplished to help benefit railfans.    Having the City of Fostoria recognize how important rail tourism is to the city is the most important fact!!  We are also proud of what the city accomplished.  A million dollar park for railfans!  Not a small project to say the least.  Sidney Ohio is hoping to restore a depot.

Please mark Thursday, May 25 on your calendar.  This is the date for our 8th Railroad Employees Reunion.  We should change the title a bit as actually we would love to have railroad employees (retired also) and ANYONE interested in Fostoria history to attend.  Our speaker this year is Nick Munoz, N/S Fostoria Train Master.  The location is the Good Shepherd Nursing Home lower level, 725 Columbus Avenue.  Doors open at 5:00, dinner at 5:30 and program at 6:30.  The event is open to the public.  Dinner reservations are preferred with a cost person of $15.00.   For more information, please contact via email or call 419-435-1781.  

Our biggest day of the year is Saturday, September 23, our 16th Fostoria Rail Festival.  Fostoria Jr./Sr. High School, 1001 Park Avenue.  If you are interested in  being a vendor, download the form HERE or from our Facebook page.  Last year we were thrilled to "toot" we had attendees from 18 states and Canada.  180+ different hometowns.  Mark your calendar.  More info to follow later.

One thing we can say is the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society AND all the railfans who visit Fostoria day in and day out are the main source of Fostoria tourism.  We can again proudly state railfans place $$$  in the hotel, restaurant and businesses of Fostoria.  Railfans come for days at a time, return often and spread the word about Fostoria and our trains.  WE love railfans and trains. 


UPDATES AT RAIL PARK     Two four-sided metal picnic tables on concrete pads will be installed at the rail park when the weather permits.  One table will be adjacent to the platform and the other table will be located near the driveway entrance.  Donations have been received from Key Bank and the Fostoria Altrusa Club with those donations being used for these projects.  FRPS had designated Fostoria Rail Festival 2015 profits to be used for updates at the rail park.  Five-foot wide concrete sidewalks will be installed from the parking lot to the platform.  This project will begin in the Spring, 2016.   There will still be some stone walkways as we do not have all the funding needed for all of the sidewalks.    Pete DiCesare has installed a railroad yield sign on the platform building.  The sign was donated by Morgan Advanced Materials, Fostoria.

LE&W DEPOT    The Lake Erie & Western Depot, 128 W. North Street, Fostoria is in need of structural repairs.  The 1878 built depot needs to have the west-end foundation rebuilt.  The FRPS exec. board will be working on this project and receive structural costs for the project.  This depot was purchased by FRPS in March, 2007 through a grant from the Henry Geary Jr. Memorial Foundation.  A 50-year roof was installed by volunteers and the interior and exterior have been painted.  A LE&W whistle post was donated by the Charles Glover, Fostoria family and is installed at the depot. 

YMCA SUMMER PROGRAM      FRPS will be presenting railroad-related programs for the June and July Y Summer Program.   Operation Lifesaver and Fostoria railroad history information will be included for the school-age participants.

July 30th  MICHIGAN RIDE THE RAILS BUS TRIP    FRPS is announcing the 2nd bus trip.  This years trip is to Michigan and will include visiting the Huckleberry Train and Crossroads Village, Durand Museum and Steam Railroading Institute (SRI), Owosso, MI on Saturday, July 30.  Cost per person is $124.  with reservations on a first come basis.   

Sept 24th  FOSTORIA RAIL FESTIVAL      Plans are underway for the 15th Fostoria Rail Festival.  The train show will be held at the Fostoria Jr/Sr. High School, 1001 Park Avenue, Fostoria.  Hours are 10-4. See the poster below. Click poster  to download Vendor Form


Debbie Castret has graciously shared a number of family photos of Nickel Plate employees from 1947. Most were taken in or around Blair Yard. Her Dad Carl E Castret worked there from 1941 to 1974

A unique look into some of Fostoria's past and railroading history. Click HERE to see them all.

1954 Safety Award Winners


Front row l to r: Jim Macker, Charles Marshall, Herb Foster, Calvin Marshall, Jim Bennett, Barney Hutchins, Clarence Slick and Tony Blosser.  Back row l to r: Carl Castret, Dwight Young, Ernest Hines, Foy Gobel, Charles Bixler, Robert Goodyear, Richard Miller, Herb Hostittler, Hank Brooks, Lloyd McKee, Don Boomer and Max Cooper.

NKP Whistle Post Installed at RailPark Aug 6

Installation of the NKP whistle post at the RailPark donated by the Paulette & Tom Miller family. Tom is in the photo, he is the person on the right. The others are the people who moved the post from Tiffin, where Tom’s family had the post in their front yard and they moved it to the park. Thank You

March 31st 2015  -  Fostoria F Tower Closes


CSX Transportation closed F Tower in Fostoria on Monday and transferred responsibilities to Indianapolis dispatching desk. Last trains under Fostoria control passed the tower at 9:30 am Monday morning. A final shift was on Tuesday morning to complete final changeover. Here are a couple photos taken on Tuesday as an era came to an end.




Fostoria Rail Preservation Society


Newly painted depot September 2014

January 20 2015


For anyone who wish to visit the Roanoke Virginia Museum of Transportation, John Hersch, a FRPS member, has 4 entrance tickets for free to give away. They are valid until February 28, 2015. If you are interested, please contact John at 567-525-4219.


FRPS will have their January meeting this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. NOTE the time!!! Location is the LE&W depot, 128 W. North St.

The rail park has had visitors even during the cold cold January weather. Please use the sidewalks, stone or concrete, and do not walk on the area just west of the restroom door side of the platform. This area was reseeded and has NO grass, therefore a lot of mud is in the area


The scanner that was on the D&N building, was moved to the rail park platform. Michael Harvey, St. Marys, donated the scanner and we appreciate his generosity. Along with the scanner, a vending machine is also on the platform. As always, we would love for all railfans who visit Fostoria to help us. When you visit a restaurant, etc. please advise you are a railfan. We need for the Fostoria vendors to know the rail tourism dollars are ending up in their cash register.

Thanks to those that have visited the RailPark and wanted to be added to our Guest list. Check out who has visited.

The Guest Book can be viewed HERE


Have not set up going to train shows this year. Will sit down soon and figure out which train shows we will be at. This cold cold winter weather has been a deterrent to deciding where to go. How about some really warm locations? Any suggestions.


Santa at the Depot, our 8th annual event, was a huge success. Over 1,000 people visited our depot. We were open for the Dec. 6 Chamber event (400+ people that day) as well as our Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoon hours. Santa was busy talking to the children. As usual, most enjoyed talking to Santa (, some smaller children had tears but the trains were are always popular. We had 50+ trees, 32-36 of them being 6' or larger. Every year we add lights and are already planning for the next event.


See you at the Railpark

Ellen Gatrell

September 15th 2014

Greetings to all this fall weather weekend.

Fostoria Rail Festival is just around the corner and we hope you are attending, either as a vendor or coming to see what you can find.  We have 125+ tables sold at this time and will do our best to have a great rail festival !!!  IF you are able bodied and can help us, we need you on Friday, Sept. 26.  Will have more info later.


Fostoria Chamber Car Show, Car Swap Meet, Flea Market and food wagon vendors will be outside around the Fostoria High School.  Train rides too. Weather permitting, remote controlled airplanes. Inside our 13th rail festival will have train vendors, of course model train displays, photo contest entries,  4 NARCOA speeders, Bob Lorenz prints, photos and originals, good tasting soup, childrens corner, and the school cafeteria will have their always good food available.  The historic bus tour will be available for you to learn more about Fostoria's railroad history. 10-4, Saturday Sept. 27. See you there.  More info, look on our website or facebook pages.  

NKP 765 will be traveling westbound through Fostoria on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 at a not known time, assume after noon.  BUT do not know for sure either.  


Have you seen the October issue, Trains Magazine?  Fostoria is listed in Matt VanHattems top ten rail fan locations in North America.  Thanks Matt !!!!!!!


Also in the October issue is a feature on Sequence photos.  FRPS member John Herreshoff entered a sequence shot at Durand MI and received runner-up.  Good JOB John.  



August 28th 2014


Hello to everyone


Hope everyone will have a great Labor Day weekend.  Assume the rail park will be filled with railfans.  This certainly has been an exciting year with so many people coming back and using the new park and commenting on how nice the park is.  Thank you city of Fostoria !!!  The license plates are from so many states too !!!


FRPS listens to railfans and had two park projects, we were asked to remove the power pole outside the fence on Columbus Avenue.  So far we know it is not a city of Fostoria pole and not a N/S pole.  Now we need to talk to AT&T so we can legally remove the pole for photo  ops.  You will notice the 3' weeds have bee mowed on the B&O nb transfer line.  Glenn Grove, John Potteiger and I were the committee.  We cut the weeds down, mowed them with a lawn mower and finally sprayed Roundup on them.  Now there is a clear view in that area.   


Saturday, September 27, 13th Fostoria Rail Festival, 10-4, 1001 Park Avenue.  Information on our website and Facebook pages.  Vendor tables are still available and at the regular price until Sept. 6, after that additional cost per table.  Many activities, rain or shine.  Bigger and better every year.  

Lost & found --- An SD car was lost at the rail park weeks ago.  IF found, please advise.  Someone left a sketch book at the rail park.  We have it if you would like it returned to you.  From the bus tour, a bag of Walnut Creek Cheese mdse. is missing.  If you have it, please advise.

Have a great weekend.  Before you know it, summer will be over.  




Trains & Buggy Tour Bus Trip


August 22nd 2014


Last Friday 54 people met in Fostoria to begin our bus trip to Age of Steam Roundhouse, Warthers Museum, Dennison Depot, Breitenbach Wine Cellar, Walnut Creek Cheese and dinner at an Amish home.  We left at 6:30 a.m. and arrived back in Fostoria just before 11:00 p.m.  It was a long, but wonderful day.  A big thank you to FRPS President Teresa Lee and Joe Bouillon (JB Tours) for the great trip schedule.  

When can we do it again? Are you going?

All photos courtesy Ellen Gatrell.


"click above to see the photos"

August 12th 2014

Hello to all

Looking out my window, there is a misting of rain and welcome to our community.  Fostoria had about an inch of much needed rain.  


The August 22 bus trip to the Age of Steam Roundhouse, Dennison Depot and so much more is full BUT there can be a fill-in list in case someone cannot go.  Please call Teresa Lee at 419-435-8023.  She will give you the details.  Thanks !!!!!


Do you have photos for the Fostoria Lens-Eye View Photo Contest?  Look on our FRPS website, Fostoria Rail Park Facebook or FRPS Facebook page for more information.  Our webmaster, Walter, is doing a fine job!!!  Thanks Walter !!!!!


The 13th Fostoria Rail Festival is not too far away.  Vendor table reservation form is on our sites and can be downloaded.  We are going to have a bigger show, Chamber Car Show, Car Swap Meet, Flea Market added to the train vendors, model train displays, photo contest, soup contest, childrens play area, train rides in and out, remote controlled airplanes and speeders,  bus tour of Fostoria historic rail locations and of course good food.  Saturday, September 27, 10-4 at Fostoria HIgh School.  Location is right beside the previous event location.  We just moved to a larger venue area.  


The new Member and expired renewal membership  matching fund has topped $2,100 + !!!!!  Thanks to all who have helped!!!  Especially our friend, Walter in Illinois !!!!  Thank you for your generosity !!!!

We had a visitor from South Africa at the rail park on Saturday.  Missed talking to him but many railfans told me about him.  He was attending a wedding in Findlay and some other wedding attendees came to the park later and we did talk to them.  They were from California.  The park is amazing and it's wonderful to see the various license plates.  

This weekend is the NKP 765 open house.  Friday thru Sunday.  Please look on the Ft. Wayne RR HS web page for more info.

The NKP 765 will be traveling though Fostoria eastbound on Thursday, Sept. 4.  No exact time, be patient.  Probably late late morning or early afternoon when the 765 reaches Fostoria.

The Whistle Stop Deli, corner of S. Poplar & Lytle will be opening on Aug. 18.  This is the corner south of the railpark where the Dollar General & Family Dollar are.  Good Amish meats and cheeses, etc. close to the park.


FRPS was featured in Railpace Magazine, August issue.  Had told everyone about this in previous emails but want you to know we have additional magazines available for sale.  We will also sell Railpace monthly issues to you too.  

Just talked to the Fostoria CSX trainmaster about railfans in the Amtrak parking lot.  He does not like the tripods SO close to the tracks.  Come on guys !!!!!!!!  Listen and remember you are SO lucky to be on CSX property and you are certainly causing distress being SOOOOO close to the tracks.  Use common sense, do you want ALL railfans to be banned forever?????  You just might be the person who is the wrong person and gets everyone banned.  


Reminder, the LE&W depot, 128 W. North Street, is open on Saturdays, 1-4 from May thru September.  

Have a great day !!!



July 30 2014


Hello to all of you

Sending out an email on a cool July evening.  Who knew this would be such a comfortable summer weather-wise.  Just wonder what August and September will be like?

We've been busy this past month.  The Fostoria Area Visitors Bureau was host to two tour buses from Allen Park Michigan on July 15.  They toured the BANKquet Hall, where Dillinger's gang robbed the First National Bank; Fostoria Heritage Glass Museum, Foster Museum on Main, the Presbyterian Church and of course the LE&W depot.  Old dead Charles Foster appeared and spoke to the visitors as well as Jim Roberts as a train conductor.  A progressive luncheon was served at local restaurants and the Fostoria Community Band performed.  What a great day, thanks Pamela and all involved. 

FRPS and the Rail Park are featured in the August issue of Railpace Magazine.  We have purchased extra copies and can sell one to you at the $5.95 price.  Thanks to Mike and Ron for such a nice 4 page article.  The platform sure looks great lit up in the evening hours.  If you haven't come to our new rail park, plan a trip.  You will not be disappointed.

Let's Talk Trains, an online Blog Talk Radio, featured the Fostoria Rail Park on their Saturday,. July 26 program.  Let's Talk Trains is funded by the Amer. Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation.  Our program is 2 hours and features Allyson Murray, Fostoria Safety Service Director; Pamela Smith, Chamber & Visitors Bureau Director; Jim Roberts, FRPS exec. board member; Walter Pfefferle, FRPS webmaster and myself.  The link to this blog is on our Facebook and website pages.  

By the way, we have the Fostoria Rail Park Facebook page, FRPS Facebook page and FRPS website.  Walter is fabulous and needs to live forever.  What a great job Walter!!!!!!!! Could not do this without you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 27.  The 13th annual Fostoria Rail Festival.  More info is our website.

Attention--a weekend railfan lost a SD card at the railpark.  The initials RB is on the tiny thing and it would be great if the SD card could be found.  If so, please advise and we will forward the item to the rightful owner.  How sad to lose Fostoria train photos !!!

Memberships this year are up and we are ever grateful for ALL the new members and ALL the renewing members.  Thank you all !!!!



June 9, 2014

Hello to everyone. 

It's been a while and we need to give you information on what is happening in Fostoria.  As always, IF you do not wish to receive these emails, please advise, we can take you off the list.


Top on our list is we are on a membership campaign.  Many of you are FRPS members but some are not.  We need your support to help us reach our goals.  Some FRPS members are matching $ for new members or those of you who have let your membership lapse.   Please help us if you can.


The Ohio Rail Development Commission sends out the Track Record and we had been forwarding this to our 500+ email list.  Unfortunately, we are discontinuing this practice.  You will be able to read it on our website.  Too many times, almost weekly, someone would unsubscribe directly to ORDC. 

The Fostoria rail park is a busy place.  Many more new railfans are coming to the fabulous park.  Those that have frequented Fostoria for years are also loving the park too.  Congratulate the city of Fostoria, they listened to what railfans want and have provided it for you for NO COST.  The park is open 24/7, 365.   The drinking fountain and restrooms are fully functional.  The contract between the city of Fostoria and the federal funding grant has not been fully completed.  The lawn area was reseeded recently.  Until the city has all the work completed and all bills for this contract/grant paid, nothing can be added to the property.  Therefore, no WiFi or scanner can be added as they are not part of the contract/grant.  Regarding the WiFi, we would love to have this added to the park, but with anything, there is a cost involved and FRPS needs help in funding.  You can grill at the park.  RV's are allowed at the park overnight too.  

We have a limited supply of Bob Lorenz t-shirts and are selling them at a reduced price.  Childrens and adults to XL are $9.00 with 2x-3x & 4x are $13.00.  Interested, please contact us, we'll can mail the shirts too.  Will advise shipping costs.  We do take the shirts to the rail park and you can purchase them there.

Robert Bunker, a Minnesota resident and FRPS member has donated a DVD on Fostoria.  We have this DVD on sale at train shows too.  Thank you Robert for your generous donation to our non-profit !!!


Saturday, September 27 isn't too far away.  That is the date for the 13th Fostoria Rail Festival.  Fred Fogelsinger, Michigan resident sent in his check for vendor tables at our rail festival.  Thanks Fred !!!  We have moved the rail festival to the high school, which is right beside the old location, we needed more room for vendors.   We added remote-controlled airplanes to our outside displays as well as the Fostoria Chamber car show.  Hope to see you too.


FRPS is a member of Destination Seneca County and they have a billboard on US 23 near Upper Sandusky.  Look for the billboard near the SR 53 exit.  Eddie Durnwald's railpark photo with a NS Triple Crown beside the platform is the billboard photo.  Thanks Eddie and Destination Seneca County !!!


FRPS is planning for the Owosso Michigan Steam Railroading Institute event on June 20-22.  30,000 are expected to attend and we are planning to talk to everyone and tell them about Fostoria Ohio !!!  Are you going to be there?  Stop in and see us in the big tent.


FRPS elected new board members.  Teresa Lee is the new President.  Renee Smith is 1st vice president with Herm VandeKerkhoff continuing being the VP of acquisitions.  Board members are retiring President Jim Roberts, Joe Droll, Pamela Smith, Tom Miller, and John Potteiger.  Secy-treas. is Ellen Gatrell.


The LE&W Depot will be painted this summer.  Colors selected are a medium gray with white trim.  This is close to the original colors.  We have an estimate of less than $7,000. including paint and labor.  Would you like to help with the depot painting project?  Your monetary donation would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Gossman, Railpace Magazine writer and photographer visited Fostoria and will have a Fostoria article in the August issue.  Thanks Michael !!!  


The NKP 765 will have their open house on August 16.  Here is an opportunity to see the NKP 765 up close and personal.  The 765 will be traveling through Fostoria sometime in September as they are going to Cuyahoga Valley.

May 28, 2014

Canadian Railway Observations is one of the premier online railway newsletters concentrating on Canadian Railways and is packed full of information and great photos. They will be publishing an article on the Fostoria RailPark in the June issue. You must be a member to access the current month but I have uploaded the article I wrote to our web page. It can be accessed here.

May 24, 2014

Hello to all this beautiful Spring Day !!!!


Just a short note advising the May FRPS meeting is tonight !!!  The meeting time is 6:00 p.m.  Please plan to attend and get involved in our organization.  


The rail park is open for all.  24/7 with trains constantly passing by the rail park.  The restrooms are in perfect order.  Fostoria's Mayor Eric Keckler was asked if grills can be used at the park and he says OK !!!  We have had many new visitors and of course those who have come to Fostoria for years are excited to see the new park !!!  Enjoy the facilities.


Questions have been asked about moving the scanner.  Not yet.  If you know much about working with federal/state grants, the city is not responsible for the park yet as the paperwork and some work at the park are not complete.  Therefore, no additional items can be added to the park until all the paperwork is completed and the city has signed off with the state.  Yes, it sounds complicated but that is how it works.  Sorry.  Please enjoy visiting the park and realize what a treat it is to have a city spend this type of funding for visitors !!!!!  

FRPS is making plans to be at Owosso Michigan in mid June for the big steam event.  We hope to see lots of you there too.

Plans are being made to have the LE&W depot painted this June.  This historic depot was built in 1878 at a cost of $825.00.  My how times have changed, how far would $825.00 go to build a structure now?  How much is a shed for a lawn mower, more than that !!!!!     

Have a great day and see you soon.



May 15, 2014

Those that are wondering about the wash rooms, they are open and working properly. Few instances of people stealing the toilet paper so please have an eye. Also please stay off the grass as it has been reseeded and this wet weather will make it a sea of mud. Parking is no longer permitted at the station lot as CSX has had some damage to vehicles and has installed a camera and voice announcement that you are trespassing. The RailPark has lots of great spots so no need to park there, Hydro is available at the observation area and WiFi will be coming soon. Happy railfanning and be safe out there.

January 30, 2014

Regarding the extreme cold weather, the Rail Park has taken on a frozen issue--broken water pipes in the women's restroom.  Seems the doors do not always close tightly enough with the extreme wind and cold we have had this January.  Both restrooms will be locked until the broken water pipes can be repaired.  Sorry for the problem, but we hope this is a small problem as with the colder than usual temperatures there certainly are less people viewing trains at the rail park.  We are staying home where it is warmer until the weather breaks.

Please mark Thursday, April 17 (3rd Thursday in April) for the Fostoria Railroad Employees Reunion.  This year the event will be held at the Good Shepherd Nursing Home's lower level, 725 Columbus Avenue (SR 18 going toward Bascom/Tiffin).  Doors will open at 5, dinner at 6 and program at 7.  We are pleased to announce Kelly Lynch, Ft. Wayne RR HS (NKP 765) Communications Director will be our speaker.  Expect to hear a special announcement at this program too.  There is an elevator to the lower level for those not wanting to use steps.  More info on the program later.  


July 20-22 is another "Train weekend"  Owosso Michigan, Steam Railroading Institute will host Train Expo 2014.  Look on their website for more info.


FRPS is on the board for the  7th Toledo National Train Day, and meetings will begin this week.  More info later.

Stay warm !!!!!



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